25-01-2018 | In de aanloop naar de Financieringsconferentie van het GPE betuigen verschillende wereldleiders hun steun aan onderwijs. Bekijk de oproepen van Macky Sall en Emmanuel Macron (gastheren van de GPE-conferentie) Paus Franciscus, Malala en anderen

Macky Sall, President van Senegal

“The Global Partnership for Education has made substantial investments in education, helping to get 72 million more children into primary school since 2002, including in Senegal.”

Emmanuel Macron, President van Frankrijk

“I have decided to set education as a top priority of French development and foreign policy. Education deserves our collective ambition. With Senegal, the UN, GPE, and all our partners, we will increase the global commitments next year at the Global Partnership for Education Financing Conference in Dakar.”

Paus Franciscus

“Mindful that this conference will bring together Heads of State and representatives from various countries, including private and international organizations and businesses, the Holy Father prays that this encounter may strengthen efforts to provide an integrated education for children throughout the world, especially those affected by conflict, famine and inequality.”

Fillippo Grandi, Hoge VN Commissaris voor de Vluchtelingen

“In times of displacement, education is critical. It offers children hope when they need it most, and builds skills that are a lifeline to the future. GPE is providing much needed support to countries to include refugee children in local schools and to provide opportunities for all children to learn. It can be done. Their future depends on it.”

Malala Yousafzai, winnaar Nobelprijs voor de Vrede, medeoprichter Malala Fonds

“Education is the right of every girl, every human being. I’m proud to be a champion of the Global Partnership for Education. I hope world leaders will pass their own test and resolve to keep their promises every day, in every country, in every classroom.”
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Gayle Smith, Voorzitter ONE Campaign

“In 2018, leaders have a chance to turn the corner on the girls’ education crisis – it starts with fully funding the Global Partnership for Education.”

Gordon Brown, speciale gezant van de VN voor Onderwijs

“We have the opportunity to create a learning generation. We cannot leave any child behind, and GPE’s successful replenishment is a crucial part of the scale up of education financing that is so urgently needed.”

Neven Mimica, EU Commissaris voor Internationale Samenwerking en Ontwikkeling

“Our action can make a real change for the hundreds of millions of girls and boys around the world who are not going to school. I call on other partners to follow our ambition by increasing support to the Global Partnership for Education, which effectively reaches millions of marginalized children. Only together can we ensure that all children, including the poorest, those in emergency and conflict situations, disadvantaged girls and children with disabilities receive a quality education and are empowered.”

Bron: GPE
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