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Publicaties Onderwijshulp

GCE-NL 2015 | Eerst naar school! 15 jaar onderwijshulp uit Nederland

In dit speciale magazine brengt GCE-NL een overzicht van vijftien jaar onderwijshulp vanuit Nederland. Het accent ligt vooral op de enorme vooruitgang die er de afgelopen 15 jaar is geboekt bij het realiseren van de EFA-doelen en de belangrijke rol die Nederland daarin heeft gespeeld. Het magazine geeft voorbeelden van de variatie aan onderwijshulp uit Nederland: zowel door overheid, als door ontwikkelingsorganisaties, particuliere initiatieven en andere partijen. Ook maakt het duidelijk welke nationale en internationale inspanningen nodig zijn om ervoor te zorgen dat ook de meest achtergestelde groepen in de armste landen toegang krijgen tot onderwijs van goede kwaliteit.
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GCE 2015 | Education Aid Watch Report

This report, compiled by GCE and its members in donor countries, documents a failure to provide the pledged donor support for the Education For All and Millennium Development Goals. Education Aid Watch 2015 shows that while a few donors have stepped up to provide significant and good quality aid, others have neglected their pledge, leading to an overall picture of wholly inadequate support for the goals that the whole world agreed 15 years ago.
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GCE 2014 | Fund the Future; an action plan for funding the Global Partnership for Education

This report sets out how the crisis in education funding continues to rob children and their communities of opportunity, the important role that the GPE has and can continue to play in supporting access to and improvements in education and calls on donors, developing countries and the private sector to pledge at the 2014 GPE replenishment event their support for wider efforts to increase education funding and opportunity.
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GCE 2013 | A taxing business; financing Education for All through domestic resources

The reports identifies four major steps towards achieving increased domestic resources, primarily through improved taxation and revenue-generation from natural resources, and the vast impact this could make on ensuring quality, public education for all.
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GCE 2013 | Education Aid Watch Report

GCE’s Education Aid Watch 2013 looks at the efforts of 11 donor countries in which the GCE has an active coalition – Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the USA. It contains a detailed national profile for each of these 11 countries, which has original research from the coalition of the latest aid patterns. These outline the general trends and government priorities in aid to education, as well as giving specific recommendations for that country’s aid programme.
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GCE 2012 | A more ambitious, effective Global Partnership for Education

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has become a major player in education aid; it has significant strengths but also major weaknesses. This briefing, co-authored by GCE and Oxfam International and published by 5 global/regional networks and 9 INGOs across the GCE membership, aims to provide recommendations to remedy those weaknesses.
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